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  • Travel-sized USB-C charger provides up to 65W to quickly and efficiently charge your MacBook Pro or Windows laptop at home or on the move. This single-port USB charger lets you quickly and safely charge your USB-C mobile device. Plug it into any outlet to ensure your laptop, smartphone, tablet or other USB-C device charges at its fastest possible speed. The USB-C port supports USB Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 charging up to 5V 3A (15W), 9V 3A (27W), 12V 3A (36W), 15V 3A (45W) and 20V 3.25A (65W).
  • Comes with USB-C to USB-C cable in the package, to charge your laptop, tablet, android and apple devices and your all accessories with a single adapter.
  • ETL CERTIFIED : For Ultimate Safety and Protection
  • Compatible with tablets and smartphones with a USB Type-C connector, such as Apple MacBook 12-inch/ Pro 2016 version, Google Chromebook, Dell Chromebook, Lenovo Chromebook, HP Chromebook, Pixel Book, and many other devices.EVERLASTING: We are extremely confident about the long-lasting performance of Awanta's products that we give it a hassle-free, 2 year warranty.